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Commercial Pressure washing and Soft Washing solutions.

Expert Power Wash is a local service provider for commercial pressure washing located in Vancouver, WA. We feature a variety of professional equipment to tackle all your commercial pressure washing and cleaning needs.

Commercial Concrete Cleaning

What makes us different than than the cheap guy

  • Quality services and results that will last. We are the pressure washing experts. We pre-treat and post treat to keep your concrete surfaces looking like new. You can’t simply spray away debris and hope for the best.
  • Heavy traffic treatments such as entrances and drive thru
  • Licensed and Insured, You can trust that you are covered for any unforeseen events.

There is a lot of customer traffic with your property’s concrete, from pulling into your driveway to parking in your lot to walking down your sidewalk. Expert Power Wash uses power washing to totally renew these heavy traffic surfaces. Combining powerful pressurized machines with special cleaning agents, we remove dirt, oil, gum, and any other debris that doesn’t belong.

Commercial Building Washing

Why call an Expert instead of having one of your employees do the cleaning

  • Experts in all aspects of building washing. Every building is different and requires the right mixture of chemicals and knowledge to clean your building.
  • Professional equipment and processes that allow us to be more efficient and cost effective by passing the savings on to you.
  • Our processes keep your building looking clean longer.
  • Soft Washing that uses low pressure to protect your property.

Expert Power Wash uses soft washing to carefully and completely revive your business exterior. This method doesn’t use the force that older pressure washing units might, providing our properties with a safe way to effectively remove mold, dirt, and imperfections that bring down your professional image. We restore exteriors of any material.

Give us a call and ask for a free estimate today. We are local and would love to help you with your commercial pressure washing in Vancouver, WA.

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