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Experience why home & business owners in Portland  trust Expert Power Wash to make their home shine

We’ll Make Your Property Look New

With our professionally trained experts and soft washing techniques, our team will gently wash your home without the risk of damage from high-pressure. On top of that, we offer a satisfaction guarantee and a 5-year warranty. If you find any reoccuring spots, we’ll come back and treat them!

Ready to make your property shine and boost your curb appeal? Reach out to us using one of the buttons below — and tell us what you need cleaned!

Licensed & Insured


expert power wash review
"Excellent quality siding cleaning. I was blown away at how quickly he worked and his attention to details when it came to the finish product. Out of 6 quotes Tim had the best price and far exceeded my expectations. He is the real deal when it comes to a good honest company."
Ricky P, Portland OR
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House Washing

When you look at your home, do you see black streaks? Green smudges? Dirt? Over time, mold, mildew, algae, pollen, and dirt will accumulate on your home's siding. To keep your home looking its best, you'll need help from a professional. At Expert Power Wash, we use our expert soft washing process to completely remove any buildup on your siding — and make your home sparkle! We also offer roof cleaning, concrete cleaning, deck cleaning — and more.

Here's what you can expect when you hire Expert Power Wash:

Precision: Soft washing allows us to restore life to your siding with a precise cleaning
Safety: We don’t use high water pressure so your siding will never be damaged in the process
Results: Your home will look years younger after we’re done cleaning it — with a curb appeal so beautiful your neighbors will be jealous!
portland home power washed by expert power wash
expert power wash customer review
"Tim was amazing to work with from setting up the appointment to completing the job. I was able to get it done a few days after speaking with him. He was both professional and personable as well. My house hasn't looked this good since we had it built 15 years ago. His prices are wonderful. The thing I really like is that unlike some business people they try to get rich off one job. Tim is a honest person that really cares about the job and the customers. I will have him back to do more work for me."
Lynn W, Portland, OR
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Commercial Pressure Washing

Expert Power Wash uses soft washing to revive your business’s exterior. Our method is gentle and does not use high-pressure which can actually damage your property. Our process provides you with a safe way to effectively remove mold, dirt, and imperfections that bring down your professional image. No matter your type of property, we can help — we restore exteriors of any material.

What makes us different than the “cheap guy” or getting one of your employees to do the cleaning?

Experts in all aspects of building washing: Every building is different and requires the right mixture of chemicals and knowledge to clean your building — expertise that we have
Professional equipment and processes: Our equipment and process help us be more efficient and cost effective and pass the savings on to you
Our safe, low pressure soft washing processes: Keep your building in great shape — and looking clean longer with soft-washing that gently cleans your property
commercial pressure washing in milwaukie, or
siding wash project
"Tim was very conscientious about responding to our questions and concerns. He always responded in a timely manner and was customer-focused. The building washed is from the early 1900s and has an older paint job; two factors that require a soft touch. His before and after photos helped us appreciate the difference. Will definitely used again and recommend."
Maria M, Portland OR
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Window Cleaning

With our professional window cleaning service, we've got you covered — both inside and out. Need us to come visit your home or business? No problem — we provide free, on-site estimates and give you up-front pricing before we begin. We remove our shoes anytime we do indoor work, clean your window sills, and put bonnets on our ladders to protect your floors and carpeting. For outdoor work, we take precautions to protect your landscaping. We pride ourselves on being the most reliable, punctual window cleaners in town.

Exterior Window Cleaning: We use a pure water pole fed system that allows us to clean your exterior windows from the ground while still giving you crystal clear, spot and streak free windows —guaranteed! This safe and effective method allows you to relax while enjoying your streak-free view.
Interior Window Cleaning: While it’s wonderful to have the outside cleaned for you to avoid pesky, dangerous ladders, why not enjoy the full service package with interior window cleaning? With our skilled cleaners and environmentally-friendly solution, you’ll notice the difference that professionally-cleaned windows make to your home.
Satisfaction Guarantee: We offer a streak and spot-free guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, you don’t pay.
window cleaning portland
pure water window cleaning portland
"Wow! Tim, the owner of Expert Power Wash is a rare find. He did a beautiful job on my entire home exterior, some roofs, windows and sidewalks. Honest, dependable and a perfectionist. I will be recommending him to my friends."
Elizabeth P, Portland OR
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Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters are full of leaves and debris — and the last thing you want to do is risk your safety and clean it yourself. But if you leave your gutters clogged, you're risking expensive damage to your roof and foundational issues in your home.

Here at Expert Power Wash, we use state of the art gutter cleaning equipment. Our team uses a SkyVac system that allows all work to be performed from the ground with video inspection — keeping all of our employees safe AND you, our customer, happy.

On each gutter cleaning project, we'll remove and bag up all the leaves, dirt, and other debris from your downspouts — then inspect to make sure they are working properly.
New gutter cleaning technology allows us to clean your gutters safely from the ground — so you get the peace of mind knowing the project is done safely
Get video proof of your gutters running smoothly, leaving no doubt in your mind that your gutters are crystal clear
gutter cleaning before and after
"Tim is a super nice guy. Showed up right on time. He sent texts letting me know he was on the way. Did an excellent job cleaning out my gutters and cleaning up the area. I would highly recommend his services. I hope to have him soft wash my house in the near future."
Karen W, Portland OR
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Additional Services

roof cleaning in portland or

Roof Cleaning

Expert Power Wash always uses soft washing to restore the quality of your roofing. It’s the safest way to remove mold, dirt, bird droppings, mildew, and more from each and every shingle — without posing a threat to the quality and safety of your home.

Our proprietary solution safely removes the mildew, algae and lichens contaminating your roof. This method kills the roots and inhibits return of growth — and that’s why we offer a 5-year spot free warranty with our complete roof cleaning. You can also transfer warranty on your contract if you sell your home within 5 years of your roof cleaning project.

deck & fence cleaning project

Deck & Fence Cleaning

Our team uses soft washing to completely restore your deck, fence, and any other surfaces. Other companies might use high-pressure, high-risk methods — but our soft washing will clean your deck and fence without causing damage.

Your deck should be a place to sit back and relax. Fences should be welcoming and curb appeal friendly. Porches should be safe and beautiful. With Expert Power Wash, we’ll make your entire property look its best.

concrete cleaning by expert power wash

Concrete Cleaning

We don't aim to remove some of your buildup and discoloration… we aim to remove all of it. We use a pressure washing system that has the power to eliminate everything from dirt to oil stains. We take pride in delivering perfection. That’s why we combine the best technology, cleaners, and methods to effectively restore your concrete. After our service, you’ll have a clean, stain free surface.

Expert Power Wash helps you give the best  first impression for your property — and a space you're proud to call home. We’re proud to make every aspect of your space shine, including your concrete!

residential solar panel cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

With our solar panel cleaning service, we use pure, deoinized water and soft bristle brushes which loosens all of the dirt on the panels. After that, we rinse them off with pure water which won’t leave calcium deposits. This process results in clean, more efficient, spot-free solar panels — with an immediate increase in energy output.

The cost benefit of solar panel cleaning makes a regular cleaning schedule a no-brainer. Increasing the power output and efficiency of your solar system by up to 20% or more in heavy soil areas — like farms or air traffic paths — will save you money each month on your energy bills.

rust removal project in portland

Rust Removal

Fertilizer rust stains are caused by not removing or sweeping the fertilizer pellets properly after fertilizing a yard. Moisture from morning dew or even from a sprinkler system, or rain, will cause the pellets to bleed and leave tiny little rust stains all over your concrete. The only way to remove these stains properly — without causing further damage to your concrete — is to have us remove them using Front 9 restoration products and processes.

Battery acid rust stains are usually caused from rinsing a golf cart down on top of a concrete area like a driveway or parking structure. These stains get embedded into the pores of the concrete and should never be treated with over the counter acid type products. These products are not only unsafe to use, but can also cause more damage to the concrete.

Our process and procedure is able to achieve up to 100% removal for fertilizer rust stains, battery acid rust stains, irrigation sprinkler rust stains — and even automobile radiator rust stains. If you’re dealing with pesky stains you just want gone, tap on one of the buttons below to get in touch:

expert power wash review before and after
"Attention to detail and customer service are both top-notch. You can tell that they don’t cut corners which is such a big deal with pressure washing. Would highly recommend for any job that you need done. We will be using again at the church I pastor."
Timothy H, Portland OR
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Tim Cray owner of Expert Power Wash

Why Portland Trusts Expert Power Wash

We’re proud to be a local, family-owned business serving our neighbors in Portland. Our principles of providing the best customer satisfaction, prompt service, and great rates aren’t just lip service — these are traditions that have been passed down through our family. And we take these traditions and make them the heart of our business! Read what your neighbors are saying about our services to find out for yourself.


tina and cristina cray expert power wash owners

Tim & Kristina Cray — Owners

cray family

Cray Family

sadie cray family pet

Sadie — Our black lab!

If you’re ready to bring curb appeal back to your property, tap one of the buttons below and tell us what you need cleaned!

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